Step By Step Of Installing A New Roof

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It’s the most important investment you will make regarding your home. Your roof protects everything inside your home and a properly installed roof gives your home great curb appeal. Here is what to expect when installing a new roof.

This list is a step by step walk through of what to expect when Bigger Roofing installs your roof.

  1. It all starts with contacting us! You can get a hold of us in several ways. Phone calls, text messages, emails, Facebook messages, Instagram messages or simply by filling out the form on our website.
  2. We will send out Josh (one of the owners) or John (Josh’s dad) to measure and assess your roof. Once that’s completed, depending on what type of roof you’re interested in having installed, we will leave a written estimate with you that day. Not home? That’s ok! We can email, mail or text you your estimate. If you are getting an estimate for asphalt shingles, you will get your quote immediately. If you are interested in having an estimate for any of our metal options (like Diamond Steel Shingles or Vic West) it may take a few days as there are many components involved in putting together your estimate.
  3. Once you are ready to book in your new roof, we will pick a date, confirm the colour of shingles you’d like and secure a deposit.
  4. The night before the guys come to install your roof you will have to move your vehicles out of the driveway so we can pull our dump trailer as close to the roof as possible.
  5. We will then complete all the work outlined on your estimate. Typically this involves removing all your old shingles, installing ice & water shield, installing a synthetic breathable underlayment, installing the shingles to the manufacturers’ specifications and cleaning all debris from the roof and completing any other provisions on your quote.
  6. That’s about it! You now have a brand new, beautiful roof, installed by professionals.