Benefits Of A Diamond Steel Roof

Diamond Steel Shingles and roofing systems

There is no shortage of the benefits of having a Diamond Steel roof installed on your home. From the unique and luxurious appearance to being environmentally friendly. Bigger Roofing is proud to offer this exquisite roofing system. Let’s learn about the many benefits that Diamond Steel has to offer.


Make the exterior of your home look like a million bucks. Diamond roofs stand out and make a huge difference in the appearance of your house. A wide variety of colours to match any colour scheme on any building and 2 different styles of interlocking systems.

Environmentally Friendly

Your roof will NEVER end up in a landfill. Unlike asphalt shingles that end up at the dump at the end of their life, a Diamond Steel roof is made from recyclable materials and reused if ever you choose to replace it.


Diamond steel shingles have a life expectancy of over 100 years. Inventor of Diamond shingles, Murray Simpson, modelled his unique idea after old metal shingles that used to be used on barns and for agriculture building that lasted for centuries without leaking, cracking, disintegrating or fading in harsh weather.


Diamond Steel roofing systems come with a 50 year warranty that can be transferred if you choose to sell your property in the future. The warranty stays with the roof and not the purchaser, which makes a Diamond roof an excellent feature if you are selling your home.

Interlocking System

Each Diamond shingle interlocks with every surrounding shingle, making the entire roof one connected system. This makes it virtually impossibly for a shingle to blow off in high winds.

Fire Resistant

A metal roof doesn’t burn if ever your home were to catch on fire. Some insurance companies give discounts for having a metal roof too….just another amazing benefit of a Diamond Steel roof!

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