We are located in Lincoln, Ontario and we offer full roofing and exterior services as well as basement waterproofing in St. Catharines, Jordan Station, Vineland, Beamsville, Grimsby, Welland, Thorold, Smithville, Pelham, Font Hill and Niagara On The Lake.

If you don’t see your area listed, please contact us to see if we service your city or town within the Niagara region. 

We offer financing through a 3rd party company. Please inquire at the time of receiving your estimate. 

We ask that your vehicles be moved from the driveway so we can get our dump trailer parked close to your roof. We will also need access to electricity in order to properly run our compressor which powers our roofing guns. 

If you have delicate exterior wall hangings or anything decorative on the exterior of the house, you may want to remove it or cover it. 

While there is no definitive guide that dictates a good roofing company from a bad one, what is written in your estimate can often give you plenty of information as to who you should hire to replace your roof. 

Your estimates should contain the following information:

  • Projected start and completion dates
  • What shingles will be installed (brand/colour/style)
  • The cost of replacing decking if required (sometimes you don’t know it needs replacing until the current roof has been removed and you find wood rot/damage)
  • The scope of the work to be completed (if structural repairs are needed, if a satellite needs removed to complete the job, replacement of decking, chimney removal, etc…) Each job is unique and your contractor should outline what is necessary to successfully complete your project
  • All materials included in the project (ice and water shield, synthetic underlayment and any other membranes)
  • Outline of ventilation work (replace box vents with ridge vent, reinstall same box vents, replace old box vents with solar powered vents, how many, etc…)
  • Plan for flashing work. Are they installing new flashing? Reusing any old metal for flashing or valleys? What type of material they are using, etc…
  • A statement that confirms your shingles will be installed to manufacturers specifications in order to validate the warranty
  • If dump/waste fees are included and if they will clean up the site once project is completed
  • Payment methods accepted

A full replacement isn’t always necessary and is typically something we would have to take a look at before determining the exact issue. Oftentimes, if your shingles are relatively new, a simple repair will suffice. But if your roof is on the older side and experiencing excessive cracking, curling and other widespread issues that are causing multiple or interior damaging leaks…a repair may be in order. 

Bigger Roofing is happy to assess the damage and let you know if a repair is acceptable and how much life your current roof has. 

There are many different factors that determine the cost of a new roof. Including pitch, square footage,  number of layers of the current roof, the material you choose for the replacement, how many stories the home is, etc…

Your best course of action is have us come by and give you a free estimate. We can give you estimates for different materials such as one for asphalt and one for diamond steel. 

Leaks can be tough to track down because water takes the path of least resistance usually a long, small path at that. It can travel a good distance before becoming an unsightly stain on your ceiling or wall. 

Your roof is the most important part of your entire home. It protects everything in it that you hold dear. It’s imperative that it gets installed correctly and that any required maintenance occurs immediately. 

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